Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FTP Download Now Much Easier

When I first created "At Home with Hebrew", PCs and the internet were nothing like they are today.  Back then, I required you to enter the CD/ROM into the computer each time you ran the program.  Actually, a lot of people didn't even have the disk space to install the entire program, since the sound files are so large.   But in today's world, disk are 10-50 times the size of what they were back then.

The other major difference is that internet speeds of increased by leaps and bounds, and more and more people have high-speed internet (vs the old dial-up modems).   To celebrate, I launched http://AtHomeWithHebrew.com, and give a discount of $10 or more when buying the FTP download version. Not only do you save $7 shipping and handling, you can download the program and get started learning Hebrew in under one hour. (The download size is about 700 Megabytes.) Download is easy, and can be done via the browser (even though it is "FTP" or File Transport Protocol, you don't need an FTP program, the browser will handle it all for you).